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World Cup Special

As a Brazilian company we are excited to offer you a special promotion during the world cup. Being abroad you will be able to watch your favorite team on your home tv station.

For 5 years now we are delivering reliable services to our customers. We never had to disclose any private information of a user. This was achieved by using highest privacy standards and a company headquarter in Brazil.

We are constantly trying to improve our service and unparalleled support.

As a special world cup gift we offer you promotional prices.

The YourPrivateVPN Team

Swiss Server from YourPrivateVPN

Unfortunately we are experiencing more than the usual problems with this server. We are working hard to reconnect the Swiss internet access. It might be possible, that we have to change the server. In that case we will need about 48 hours to integrate a new swiss server into our server pool.

We are very sorry for that inconvenience and will inform you on our blog, when the Swiss access is reestablished.

Alternative Christmas Message from E. Snowden

Don’t miss that: On Channel 4 UK, First Broadcast: 4.15 PM Wed 25 December

Whistleblower Edward Snowden, who revealed the mass surveillance programmes organised by the US and other governments, gives this year’s The Alternative Christmas Message.

Welcome to the YourPrivateVPN news blog

More than half a year the NSA scandal is running. More than half a year in particular the British Guardian and the New York Times are publishing further details from the Snowden documents. Despite this we are not experiencing any statistically significant reactions from this. There are no mountains of discarded smart phones and most people continue to use their well monitored emails from Google, Yahoo and other questionable services.

As I am with YourPrivateVPN for almost five years now, privacy and electronic surveillance has always been a major concern for me. Often I am aware of new developments and interesting details which will never make it to the big news sites or will be published when its already the oldest story in the book.

This is why I decided to start this blog. If I come across some interesting security related stuff I will drop a note here. Please feel free to follow me on my journey or comment on any topic you like.